Permai Rainforest Resort is among the pioneers of adventure training in Malaysia and is one of the leading training venues in the country. Adventure training is an aspect of the ‘Experiential Learning Concept’ and is an effective means of developing teamwork, leadership skills and enhancing trust and self-confidence, using real life situations.

The natural environment within and around Permai Rainforest Resort and the facilities available allow for an extensive range of activities on both land and sea.

Priority is always given to the safety of the participants and to achieving the overall objective of the client.

Recommended Activities

  • Obstacle Course
  • Trust Fall & Spider Web
  • Team Wall Challenge
  • Bridge Building
  • Low Rope Course
  • High Rope Course
  • Flying Fox
  • Trekking With Compass
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mine Field Crossing
  • Ice Breaker Games
  • Initiative Challenges
  • Raft Racing and Building
  • Orienteering
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Overnight Expedition
  • Eco Challenge
  • Night Kayaking
  • Guided Coastal Kayaking
  • Sea Rafting
  • River Crossing
  • Jungle Cooking
  • Rope Making Lessons
  • Cultural Performances
  • Kayaking and Overland Expedition
  • Wall Climbing
  • Rappelling & Abseiling


The focus of our training courses are upon team building, communication, leadership and skill development however the training courses can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements in terms of budget, duration, scope and difficulty. For specialized training in a particular field, we can engage a consultant to facilitate the training or your organisation can provide their own.

Courses are conducted in a mix of classroom and outdoor activities, indoor courses and activities are operated in the Jungle Hall and occasionally the other conference rooms. The outdoor activities are conducted in a variety of places and conditions such as the sea, on the beaches, in the jungle as well as on our ropes courses and the obstacle courses. As we have a variety of activities and programmes, courses can be run all year round regardless of weather or season.

If your organisation contributes to the Human Resources Development Fund, it is possible that any training done at Permai can be subsidised or paid for by this fund.

“Our MISSION is to provide the opportunity for people to learn and grow in a safe yet challenging natural environment.”

“Our GOAL is to provide experiences that give rise to learning that is relevant, transferable and memorable.”

Keen on corporate training, team building or just group activities? Let us know, see how we can assist you.