Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Explore the coastline on an SUP Lessons are available too


Paddle together with a friend or go solo

Bako National Park

Visit Bako National Park by taking the scenic route on a boat

Crocodile Watching

See crocodiles in their natural habitat on one of our boats cruises.

Body Boarding

When there aren’t waves big enough for surfing you can definitely have fun body boarding.


Snorkel at Satang island, one of the three islands set aside by the Sarawak government for turtle conservation

Nature Walk

There are trails around the resort which can be self-guided. Guides are also

Dolphin Watching

The Irrawaddy dolphin lives in rivers, estuaries and shallow coastal waters and Santubong is one of the best places in Sarawak to see this unusual looking dolphin.

Mount Santubong Climb

Attempt this trail which has some vertical sections with ladders. Its rumoured to be harder than climbing the tallest mountain in South East Asia

Evening Mangrove Tour

Experience the beauty of a protected mangrove forest

Beach Volleyball, Soccerball & Frisbee

Enjoy these awesome beach sports. We have everything you need to start a game.

Bike Rentals

Explore the surrounding area on a bike. You can visit the nearby village and historical sites