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Social Responsibility

Committed to Conservation

Here at Permai we are committed to the Protection of the Santubong Peninsula Rainforest from unsustainable development while supporting Conservation.

  • Reuse - Internally we Reuse all material where possible and when it is not possible we donate it to local communites and;

  • Recycle all tin, aluminium, plastic bottles, cardboard & paper

  • Composting of food waste - organic waste produced from our kitchen is composted at an off site location to avoid interfering with the natural food chains in and around the resort while producing an organic fertiliser.

  • Growing Locally - Vegetables are planted at a location between the resort and the city using our own fertiliser & organic soil enhancers to reduce carbon emmissions during transportation

  • Saving Energy - We ensure that at least 90% of our lights are energy saving

  • Technology -We use 4-Stroke engines on our boats to reduce emmissions and eliminate oil trails

  • Voluntary rubbish collection and maintenance work on neighbouring public walking tracks

  • Partnering - with University Malaysia Sarawak & Shell on Dolphin Population Surveys
    For more information on the dolphin research, Click Here

  • Buying - Our furniture purchases now are either sourced from Sustainable Forests recognised by the Forest Stewardship Council, recycled timber, or made from sawmill offcuts meaning that we are eliminating demand for existing forests to be felled.

  • Selling - We sell handicrafts from various organisations including the Sarawak School for Mentally Handicapped Children and rural communities to assist whereby in just the case of the Penan community handicrafts, all proceeds go back to the community. 

  • Protecting the land we are on. Permai Rainforest Resort sits on land that provides access to the next 5km of coast and rainforest that is otherwise only accessible by sea. Despite attempts to displace our organisation to modify the 44 acres of rainforest we manage and the land beyond it, we have held fast. Your patronage will contribute to protecting this peninsula and allow us to point out that natural areas are desired and true ecotourism is very much in demand.




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