Requires two teams and each team is divided into catchers and throwers. There is no limit to the number of catchers per team but each team can only have 3 throwers. The teams are given equal numbers of water-filed balloons and designated an area called the fortress. The objective of the game is for the throwers of one team to throw the water balloons into the fortress of the other team, and the catchers of that team have to defend the fortress by catching the balloons, and vice versa. The team which catches the most balloons, without bursting them, has more successfully defended their Fortress and wins the game.


Requires teams of 5 to 6 persons to race each other with wooden planks attached to their feet, all of the team attached to the same 2 planks. To move, teamwork and good leadership is extremely important. The game can also be played relay style if the group is large.

A tag fame for any size group. The game begins with one person being designated as the Baby Blob. The person tries to tag another person, when successful, they join hands and try to tag other players. Each person tagged must joins hands with the tagged group (the blob) until everyone has been tagged. The game ends when only one player is left - Blob Champion.


Three teams are required. Each team is then divided into pilots and passengers. Per team, the maximum number of pilots is 4, while the maximum number of passengers is 20. The passengers are the blindfolded and required to join hands forming the airplane. The pilots are then required, using only the words AYAM, CHICKEN, BABY, BAYI, to navigate the airplane through the course that has been set. While 'flying', the passengers are not allowed to let go of each other's hands. If this happens the airplane will "crash". The team that completes the course first wins.